Calmus Automata

Contract and Cooperation

CALMUS Automata

 A revolutionary software tool for composing and playing diverse music in real time. The software is built on artificial intelligence, which enables the user to work independently from any given presumption. It can change musical styles and adapt to different musical trends during the process. It is independent and meant to be used for real time musical creation.

Calmus Play

An app, initally being developed for iOS devices, that will allow people to find out their own musical contour – i.e. to discover their musical soul. Calmus Play works this out by asking the user a few key questions about themselves resulting in the program sending the data over the internet to the Calmus server which composes a short musical piece and in turn sends back to the user; the whole process taking only seconds to complete. The outcome will reflect the answers and for the first time everyone can have their own musical piece, specifically based on their own life and background. Using the given personal data, Calmus Play will also offer the user to listen to various different kinds of moods such as something relaxing, exciting and so on.

Calmus Gaming

An innovative and revolutionary tool for controlling music in computer games. Instead of the soundscape being a perpetually repeated part of the game´s environment, it changes constantly as the game progresses and according to the player´s performance and actions.The system composes music simultaneously in real time based on the characters´ movements, changes in surroundings and his standing in the game. It can become gloomy and murky, f.i. inside a recently blown-up space station, faster and aggressive during combat etc. etc.