Note Challenge

TG Product (iOS App)




The sound analyzing music education app. Play with just your voice or your favorite instrument to learn the basics of notation, timing and performing notes. Great for beginner musicians or anyone looking to learn basic notation or how to perform with a new instrument. 


Tóngreinandi lærdómsappið. Notaðu hvaða hljóðfæri sem þig lystir eða eigin rödd og lærðu um leið grunnatriði í tónfræði, tímasetningu og hvernig á að framkalla réttar nótur á uppáhalds hljóðfærin þín. 


 Analyses tones from any source and places on a note staff. Compatible with lots of instruments – flutes, guitars, harps or even Steinways. Voice compatible – try singing, whistling or humming! Learn notation and playing instruments by performing what you see. A collection of known songs for you to practice on. Create your own jams for later playback or practicing. Three different play modes. Change the tempo if you’re getting better or if you’re impatient. Gather stars made of precious metal. High scores. Switch between Icelandic and English.